Coping with Bipolar Disorder and Anger

If you are living with bipolar disorder, you know how greatly the symptoms can affect your life. As a result of it, you must have experienced a dramatic change in your personal relationships or have even been unable to hold a job due to sudden and uncontrollable emotions.

Possibly the most damaging symptom of bipolar disorder is anger. It usually is the root cause for many of the negative changes that you have encountered since you’ve been diagnosed, or since you began to notice the signs that you may have the dreaded disorder.

A good majority of us experience anger in some form, in varying degrees, but those suffering from bipolar disorder tend to experience these episodes of anger in a more extreme fashion. There may be sudden anger outbursts, or an exaggerated reaction to something that is typically very small in the “grand scheme of things”. This is due to the fact that the disorder is believed to be caused by a chemical imbalance within the brain but nobody knows for sure. This claimed “imbalance” not only results in an inability to focus, drastic mood shifts, an overabundance of energy, diminished decision making capability, but also moderate to severe anger.

If you do have bipolar disorder, you will find that there is  a variety of triggers which can [Read more…]