5 Physical Techniques to Stem Anger and Dive into Wellness Starting Today

Image: Sergei Mixaliuk

Image: Sergei Mixaliuk

We seem to live in a society that values quick fixes and smart pills. There’s pretty much a “hack” for everything but our health and well-being.  Let’s face it, most folks that suffer from anger or depression related metal and physical anguish are choosing, either consciously or subconsciously, to avoid one single element that can surpass the efficacy of any pill out there – physical activity.

Yes you are busy, yes you are tired, and yes you are sick so what is the next step?  Do you want to continue doing the same things over and over and expect a different result or do you want to try something that actually works?  We’ve compiled a list of five physical activities that you can undertake starting today to feel incredible starting today.


Ancient tradition of Tibetan medicine has a saying – “When the diet is right then there is no need for medicine, and when the diet is bad then there is definitely no need for medicine.” You see, what they are saying is that it does not matter what you try to do in your life to feel better if your body is not getting the right nutrients then it is like trying to put sugar-water into a Ferrari and expecting to get to your destination.

Address your diet right away for quickest results. Anger Mentor has done some good research and suggests one single element that can boost your mood right away is the Omega 3s from fish oil.  It’s been defined as the most important element for your mental health that can be easily found on the market. Consult with a good dietician and increase your intake of Vitamin B to curb the stress. In general, consume lots of veggies, legumes and low-glycemic fruits.

Avoid at all costs: coffee, refined sugar products, nutrition deficient meals, alcohol and [Read more…]

The Invisible Yet Deadly Link Between Stress and Depression?

depression leading to angerMany of us can sense, without really having to think about it, that stress can cause or exacerbate depression. Yet very few are able to put a finger on how it actually happens.  At the end of the day if we can learn about it, maybe we can stop it and feel better, don’t you think?

Stressors are all around us, causing us to feel like we never get a break and that we will never catch up. Particularly stressful events, such as getting terminated from your job or losing a loved one, are well known triggers for depression. This clear link between emotions like stress and depression has prompted a number of scientific studies, which found that there may be much more connecting the two emotions than we had previous realized.

What most people don’t realize is that stress is not just effecting you on an emotional level. It is actually causing physical changes to your brain that lead directly to depression. Stressors affect the homeostasis, or balance, in your brain that allows it to function properly. Chemicals called neurotransmitters travel throughout your brain, affecting and regulating your mood and your actions. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that stimulates your brain, effecting your mood and causing feelings of reward and gratification. It is an important part of what allows you to feel pleasure. Serotonin is another neourotransmitter, which causes feelings of happiness and well-being. When something hinders the ability of dopamine and serotonin to get to your brain, it can lead to serious [Read more…]